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Latest News

Translations in full swing

At the moment the translations are in full swing. People from all around the world are working on the texts.

Intro artworks

Great progress on the intro artworks. Andreas is doing an awesome job and drew a lot of great pictures for our new intro sequence already.

Finalizing the rooms

We started finalizing the rooms. Sascha is adding some particle and lighting effects while Thomas is tweaking some textures and objects.

Tentacle Animations finished

Alex finished the tentacle animations ... looking great ingame.

Tentacle Animations

Alex finished the tentacle rig and started with the animations. The walk animation is finished already.

Meteor Mess Tweets

Still good progress with the translations. Also the intro artworks are almost done. Since lately the team meets up… https://t.co/eS4Cm9Ge3p

Great progress ... the translations are in full swing and our testers are really diligent. A few minor bugs have al… https://t.co/bV3B8vvCgS

A beta tester has found a bug, the developer has fixed the bug. Thanks to our little round of beta testers, who ar… https://t.co/sYqegkjM7L

Today we fixed a bug that led into a game crash in certain situations. Beta pre release 0.9.7 seems to be stable now.

Manuel is making great progress with the Italian translation.

In case you haven't listened to it yet, you should really do. Here is a link to the fantastic Meteor Mess soundtrac… https://t.co/2UqSfT2CHd