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New Special Features Trailer online

Please find our new special features trailer in the videos section:


Voices, voices, voices

Currently we are working hard on the English voice overs. While our voice over artists are recording thousands of lines, our sound engineer is editing and bringing them into the game.

You are a voice talent, too? You want to be part of this project? Then send a voice sample to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Translations in full swing

At the moment the translations are in full swing. People from all around the world are working on the texts.

Intro artworks

Great progress on the intro artworks. Andreas is doing an awesome job and drew a lot of great pictures for our new intro sequence already.

Finalizing the rooms

We started finalizing the rooms. Sascha is adding some particle and lighting effects while Thomas is tweaking some textures and objects.

Meteor Mess Tweets

@DomiN0PE @Vincent_Fallow Die Texte sind auch auf Deutsch. Nur die Voice Overs werden voraussichtlich nur in Englisch kommen.

@LabiosT Yes, it is. We are still working on the voice overs.

Great news !!! We finally found our voice for Sandy. All recordings are done, edited and ingame already. Still se… https://t.co/GgJjb9RWkR

We are still working hard on the voice overs. Another thousands of lines have been recorded, edited and brought ing… https://t.co/n4qwc27E41

We found voices for Jeff and the Police Officer ... still searching voices for Nurse Edna and Sandy. Come on girls… https://t.co/yZgU9gqFks